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Noah D. Lebowitz is a member of the Employment Panel and the Consumer Panel of arbitrators maintained by American Arbitration Association (AAA). Mr. Lebowitz is a respected member of the employment bar, having served on executive committees of the Labor & Employment sections of various non-partisan bar associations, including the State Bar of California and Bar Association of San Francisco. He brings his deep knowledge of California employment law and litigation to his role as arbitrator. 

In arbitration, Mr. Lebowitz looks for ways to maximize efficiencies and adapt processes while maintaining full opportunity for parties to present their claims and defenses. He brings his nine years of experience hearing discovery disputes as a Judge Pro Tem in the San Francisco Superior Court Law & Motion Department to the arbitration process, combining his familiarity with the substantive issues with methods to streamline disputes. 

All administration of arbitrations, including selection of Mr. Lebowitz as arbitrator, is handled through AAA. For more information, please contact AAA at or call AAA at 800.778.7879.

Licensed in California

The Law Office of Noah D Lebowitz provides representation and legal advice to employees in discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, and defamation cases as well as severance agreements and employment contracts. We have particular expertise in disability discrimination and medical leave related matters.